Ghost of Dendrite

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Zerrouk Rachid
Laaribi Nisrine
Khmamouche Mehdi
Reda Karim
Oubaaz Abdelbarre


We report the case of a 12-year-old child with non-necrotic herpetic stromal keratitis presents as a «ghost of dendrite» the form of initial dendritic epithelial keratitis. We give special attention to the need for the introduction of corticosteroids in combination with antivirals to control inflammation related to viral replication.

Stromal keratitis, herpes, dendrite, corticosteroids, antivirals.

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Rachid, Z., Nisrine, L., Mehdi, K., Karim, R., & Abdelbarre, O. (2019). Ghost of Dendrite. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Ophthalmology, 2(1), 1-3. Retrieved from
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