A Serious Complication of the Eyelid Anthrax

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Abdi Rhizlane
Sara Lakrimi
Wissal Oujidi
Chariba Siham
Asmae Maadan
Rachid Sekhsoukh


Anthrax is an anthropozoonos is caused by Bacillus anthracis, a gram-positive, nonmotile, spore-forming rod that is found in soil and predominantly causes disease in herbivores such as cattle, goats, and sheep. Contamination is due to contact with sick animals or their  contaminated products. The three major clinical forms of anthrax are gastrointestinal, cutaneous, and inhalational. It mostly occurs in exposed skin areas, like the face, neck and forearms. In the face, the eyelidis the most common site of infection. We report the case of 6-year-old femal child with a history of contact with animals who presented an eyelid anthrax complicatedcy a septicshoc.

Anthrax, eyelid, septicshock.

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Rhizlane, A., Lakrimi, S., Oujidi, W., Siham, C., Maadan, A., & Sekhsoukh, R. (2020). A Serious Complication of the Eyelid Anthrax. Asian Journal of Research and Reports in Ophthalmology, 3(1), 20-23. Retrieved from https://www.journalajrrop.com/index.php/AJRROP/article/view/30103
Case Study


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